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  • Who should take this course?

    Are you someone who is trying to become an RPA developer and confused about where to start from? Then this opportunity will serve you the best...

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    The developers who have already worked on complex RPA projects...


We are still working on the course, and expected release date is April 10th 2020… But if you want to learn it right away as we add lectures to this course before it it available in udemy

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • What Is Robotic Process Automation(RPA)?
    • What Is UiPath?
    • UiPath Installation Guide
  • 2

    UiPath User Interface Overview

    • UiPath - Home Screen
    • Creating Simple 'Hello World' Robot
    • UiPath-Ribbons (Home,Design and Debug)
    • Project Panel
    • Activities Panel
    • Properties Panel
    • Output Panel
  • 3

    Robot 1 - Generate EmployeeID And MailID Process

    • 1.Generate Employee ID and MailID - Demo
    • 2.Project Creation and Initial SetUp
    • 3.Type Into Activity & Selector Intro
    • 4.Using Check Activity
    • 5.How To Fetch The Values
    • 6.Asking The User For The Inputs
    • Robot 1 - Source Code
    • Quiz 1
  • 4

    Robot 2 - RPA Challenge Process

    • Robot 2 - RPA Challenge Demo
    • Reading Excel File
    • Launching Website
    • Fetch Each Record
    • Handling Dynamic Selectors
    • Final Run
    • Robot 2 - Source Code
    • Quiz 2
  • 5

    Robot 3 - Sale Report Generation Process

    • Sales Report Generation - Demo
    • 1.Reading the .csv file
    • 2.Copying Files And Replacing Text In Word Files
    • 3.Launching A Desktop Application
    • 4.Converting Word Files To PDF Format
    • 5.Getting Files From A Directory
    • 6.For Each Activity Explanation And Final Run!!
    • Robot 3 - Source Code
    • Quiz 3
  • 6

    Exploring RE Framework

    • REFramework Introduction And It's Benefits
    • Understanding RE Framework Concept
    • RE Framework Architecture
    • Main File
    • IntItAll State
    • Get Transaction Data State
    • Process Transaction State
    • End Process State
  • 7

    Project 4 - RPA Challenge

    • RPA Challenge - Business
    • Data Entry Process - Demo
    • 1.RPA Challenge Initial Project Setup
    • 2.Launching The Website Using Retry Scope
    • 2.Launching The Website Using Retry Scope

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Sharath Raju

RPA Practitioner and Evangelist

Sharath Raju

I am an engineer by profession and by heart :) Its been a long time since I have been working with software development and robotic process automation. It is so true that someone learns more by not reading something but by practicing the skill. I have been trying to understand exactly where people who are just starting out there career struggles and understands the pain of struggling for hours trying to figure something out.I can help you with that. Having a passion to share my piece of content, I have created step-by-step easy to digest courses. My goal is to help you get ready for the future by learning new talents and become more productive by providing you with relevant and useful courses. I'm still learning and exploring my field of work :) Every feedback should be as valuable as you are to me, please feel free to reach out to me if you have any feedback, questions or need any help. Thank You...